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The 3 reasons to choose cotton gauze sheets

Les 3 raisons de choisir des draps en gaze de coton

Choosing your bed linen is not trivial since it directly influences the quality of sleep. Indeed, several criteria are important, including the choice of material. After cotton percale bed linen , today we share with you everything we know (or almost) about cotton gauze . First used for children, this trendy material has gradually spread to household linen. It might actually be the new linen! Woven especially for us in Portugal in a small workshop near Porto, at Les pensionnaires, we are fans of this material!

The 3 reasons to choose a cotton gauze bedding set

  • Soft sheets like in the hotel
  • An airy fabric in summer and cozy in winter
  • Easy-care sheets

What is cotton gauze?

Obligatory passage before praising the merits of this material: but actually, what is cotton gauze? It is a superposition of two fine fabrics obtained by weaving crisscrossed threads and assembled with invisible stitches at regular intervals. Over time, as it moves and evolves, the material will naturally and beautifully take shape and become embossed.

Eager to know? If you want to know even more about this beautiful material, its manufacturing, its history, we invite you to read, if you have not already done so, our first two articles here and there ! We tell you even more on the subject and present our other cotton gauze products.

Soft sheets like in the hotel

Originally used for babies, cotton gauze has unrivaled softness and provides restorative and peaceful sleep. It is therefore the ideal material for high-end bed linen. Cozy up in a bubble of softness thanks to cotton gauze and find quality sleep! Like good wine, the material improves with time. In fact, cotton gauze softens over time. The 220x240 duvet cover will envelop you like a cloud for a guaranteed cocooning effect!

Airy in summer and cozy in winter

Cotton gauze is an airy and light material. This breathable fabric will therefore be very pleasant in summer when the hot weather sets in. Rather chilly or chilly? Also adopt it in winter since it doesn't keep that fresh feeling when you slip into your sheets. There is something for all tastes and all seasons!

Easy-care sheets

You read correctly, cotton gauze is easy to maintain because it does not require ironing! Its naturally embossed appearance will save you this chore. We don't know about you, but we think it's great news!

As for washing, we advise you not to exceed a maximum temperature of 40 degrees, with a delicate cycle. Beyond that, it would damage the fiber of the fabric in the long term.

Double pink gauze or double blue gauze ? The Les boarders cotton gauze bed sets are available in 6 colors! Don't hesitate to mix colors by choosing, for example, mismatched double cotton gauze pillowcases to try your hand at the Mix and Match trend.

This article is also an opportunity to tell you some good news! Our entire cotton gauze range will be back in stock very soon. You can now pre-order your favorite product: cotton gauze set but also cushion , throw or tablecloth , there is something for all tastes and for all rooms in the house!

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