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Mix prints in decoration

Mixer les imprimés en déco

Prints are a good way to add whimsy and character to your interior. Whether on wallpaper, a bed set or even a cushion, the patterns are part of the decor trends of the moment! However, the art of mix and match can sometimes be complicated to understand... Colors, shapes and sizes are important to create a harmonious balance within your interior. Animals or geometrics, the residents give you all their advice for taming the patterns.

Prints combine when:

  • they are of the same pattern
  • they are the same color or tone

Polka dots with polka dots and stripes with stripes

In fact, prints of the same pattern match perfectly! From then on, you can play with their size or color as you wish! For example, polka dot patterns, whether small or large (like ours) go very well together since they share a common style!

Here, we really like the combination of the two floral patterns. Red and blue are the colors that link the two patterns. We would have liked to see a Les boarders striped tea towel instead of the one presented, wouldn't you?

Patterns of the same color match

Is your heart swinging between stripes , checks, polka dots or flowers ? On this point, don't panic! No need to choose anymore, they all match! Moreover, if you haven't already done so, we advise you to read our article on the subject, we present them all to you here . All the Residents prints are in the same color, so it’s impossible to go wrong! A checked duvet cover will pair perfectly with a floral pillowcase and a polka dot one. We'll let you see for yourself!

You can also choose two or three colors for your entire room and create associations around them to ensure a harmonious balance. Afterwards, nothing could be simpler: keep the same color palette for your patterns!

Be careful not to only mix patterns that are too complex for the eye because, even of the same color, this could quickly make the room cluttered or even suffocating! For example zebra, leopard and flowers, we don't know about you, but it scares us a little...! The goal is to calm down a complex print with a simpler, more traditional one or use it sparingly.

Below, as mentioned previously, the large tiles of the wallpaper go very well with those of the curtains. They soften the more complex pattern of the rug. In addition, all the colors of the room are in harmony with those of the patterns. For us, this association is successful!

Our 3 last tips before getting started:

Only one print. For those who are more cautious, choose a single pattern to combine with solid colors. If your print is multi-colored, you can use a tone of it. In this case, dare a complex pattern like large flowers, an oriental pattern or why not toile de jouy ?!

Play with the size of the patterns. If you choose 3 patterns, make sure you have one large, one medium and one small or one large and two medium... We have already mentioned this previously but playing with the size of the prints will allow you to have a harmonious result and will avoid the dreaded effect: an overloaded room!

Finally, our last advice is that there are no rules! Want a little change? Patterns are an easy way to modernize and energize your interior. Have fun and try new associations, your eye will guide you!

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