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The 10 expressions around bed linen

Les 10 expressions autour du linge de lit

Understatement, oxymoron or proverbs, The residents love pretty expressions. We therefore offer you an overview of expressions linked to bed linen . Because not all expressions should be taken literally, we decipher them for you and comment below. Before you start reading, a little riddle: can you find all 10? Be careful, no cheating!

To fall out of the bed

We start with one of the easiest. We are (almost) certain that you cited it. It refers to waking up earlier than usual. On these mornings, we enjoy drinking our coffee wrapped in our cotton gauze blanket .


When jumping out of bed

Yet another expression that is part of everyday language. A marker of time, the latter translates “from the morning” or “from dawn-kidney”, here is another nice expression! When jumping out of your bed, be careful not to get your feet caught in your sheets !

To be in trouble

The latter is paradoxical because sleeping in beautiful cotton gauze sheets is very comfortable! However, this expression has a negative meaning! Its meaning comes from history. Indeed, the full expression was originally “to be in beautiful white sheets”. However, “sheets” referred to clothes and white was the color of those who had sinned, hence this negative connotation.

White as a sheet

As white as our immaculate white? This is not a good sign... A person is said to be as white as a sheet when they suddenly turn pale from fear or illness.

As we make our bed, we go to bed

Reading this expression literally, your bed is a reflection of your sleep. Indeed, if your bed is poorly made, you risk sleeping badly! Figuratively speaking, it is equivalent to assuming the consequences of one's actions as in the expression “We reap what we sow”. We therefore avoid leaving our duvet cover in a ball to ensure a peaceful night.

Wash your dirty laundry with your family

This expression also has its little history. Indeed, before the superb invention of the washing machine, women (we wouldn't want to be sexist, but it's a reality...) went to the wash house. From then on, this place was an opportunity to exchange the latest town or village gossip while washing your dirty laundry ! However, for Honoré de Balzac in 1833, “dirty laundry should only be washed within the family”. The expression then became widespread.

To wake up on the wrong side of the bed

To be in a bad mood ? At Les pensionnaires this never happens (or almost) with our cotton percale sheets , it's impossible to get up on the wrong foot!

Make your bed square

This expression refers to a military practice. In fact, soldiers use this method to make their beds. No creases and nothing sticking out! Do you want hotel-style sheets ? They also use this technique.

You snooze, you lose

The innkeepers of the 18th century displayed this expression to oblige their guests to dine when they reserved a room. Today, it is used to mean that sleep would make one forget hunger. Enough to leave us perplexed... We advise you to eat light but to avoid skipping a meal. In this regard, we let you read here our evening routine for peaceful nights.

But also... the best for last, borrowed from our Quebec friends

Spend the night on the clothesline

We grant you, this expression is very colorful. When we first heard it, we didn't really know what to think of it... But what is its meaning? Do you give your tongue to the cat? Spending the night on the clothesline means not having slept much and/or having had a bad night!

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