Brown: trendy back-to-school color

Le marron : couleur tendance de la rentrée

Let it be hazel like at Les pensionnaires or chocolat , brown is definitely the trendy color for this 2021 school year (according to fashion and decoration specialists). As a bowling bag , shopping bag or toiletry bag , brown is our favorite of the moment. We therefore take this opportunity to take an overview of its origin and its meaning through all the shades of brown. Since at Les pensionnaires we love expressions, we'll share two of them with you around brown at the end of this article!

The origin of brown and its meaning

Derived from the eponymous fruit, the use of the word chestnut only dates from the 18th century. In fact, previously, we used his brother “ the brown one ”. The word "brown" comes from the German braun, which originally designates the color of bear's fur .

Leather, wood, chocolate, coffee,… brown is a noble, warm and comforting color. It also embodies violence since the German Assault Sections chose to wear their brown shirts in the 1920s.

Brown in home decor

In decoration, brown evokes a warm interior and elegant. This color is found in raw materials such as wood or earth. It embodies a return to basics, to simple and natural things. We advise you: the marriage of brown with white for a refined result and a spirit designer decor . Think about our large plaid in immaculate white cotton gauze and its matching maxi cushion to bring light to your interior!

Afraid of making a mistake? Opt for the taupe , a timeless color, halfway between gray and brown.

Brown, fashion trend

Brown is THE color of back to school according to fashion gurus. It would even be on the verge of dethroning black. As with the decor, if you are afraid to take the plunge, start by adopting a small touch of brown! Why not opt ​​for our hazelnut bowling bag in thick canvas organic cotton ? To pair with a white outfit or shades of beige. For the most daring, dare to go for a total look by playing with its nuances. We choose a glossy brown coat, a taupe sweater, chocolate pants and our large hazelnut tote bag to complete and accessorize the outfit!

Expressions around brown

  • To be brown

This expression means to be fooled. Its meaning comes from history because the Spanish term “ cimarrón ” translated as “ wild ”. During the slavery period, this word described slaves, so designated because of their skin color. THE browning referred to the practice of those who tried to escape and who were, very often, caught and punished. It was therefore said of them that they were very brown.

  • Pulling the chestnuts from the fire

Today, the latter means back off (just another expression to define the meaning of an expression, not bad, right?). It refers to knowing how to take advantage of a given situation. But be careful, its meaning is no longer the same as before. Indeed, the expression popularized by Jean de la Fontaine in The Sign and the Cat denoted the opposite attitude. Initially, it reflected the fact of going to great lengths solely for the sole benefit of others.

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