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The 5 steps for laundry care

Les 5 étapes pour l’entretien du linge

Mid-season requires, it's time to swap light sheets for warmer and more enveloping bed sets . But before carefully storing your household linen that is no longer in season, why not do a deep cleaning? Here are our few grandmother's tips for laundry care ... tested and approved by the residents!

Remove stains from your laundry

The formidable Marseille soap will prove very useful in pre-washing for all types of materials. By gently rubbing the stain with lukewarm water, it is a safe technique that does not damage the colors.

On organic stains (blood, perspiration or food) you should rather moisten with cold water, adding a teaspoon of percarbonate of soda. Then let it rest for half an hour before placing the bed linen or household linen in the machine. Recommended for light colors only. No more panic about accidentally crushed fruit on your cotton gauze tablecloth !

Choosing the right temperature to wash your laundry

Prefer a wash at 40 degrees to preserve delicate materials like cotton gauze . For cotton percale sheets it is possible to wash up to 60 degrees, always adapting the program to the material.

To soften your new bed linen , forget the industrial softener and replace it with washing balls. Slip them into the drum before starting your program, the balls will then beat the household linen as the washerwomen did at the time, which will have the effect of softening it.

Little extra tips for caring for your laundry

No need for an excessive dose of detergent which forces soap to accumulate on the laundry and in the machine, we have better!

  • For laundry that is whiter than white, our tip is to slip two tablespoons of percarbonate of soda which is added to the detergent in the drum of the machine. It will have the effect of restoring shine to graying fibers and cleaning up your tissues by reducing the risk of allergies.
  • For dazzling colors, white vinegar is the star of remedies, a color fixer it allows you to restore character to laundry that appears faded.

It is preferable to leave the laundry to dry in the open air so as not to damage the fiber of the household linen (a quick tumble dryer, however, restores all its fluffiness to the double cotton gauze).

Iron tip

If you are a fan of ironing your cotton percale sheets ( cotton gauze sheets cannot be ironed!) and start to observe white marks on your bed linen or limescale deposits in the tank, it is time to 'to act !

Here is a 100% natural and effective tip to avoid clogging: a mixture of white vinegar and water poured into the tank will do the trick very well. Then simply plug the beast in and let the steam come out vertically several times. Turn it off, then let the product act for a good hour. Then empty the tank, and rinse it to find it like new.

Put away your laundry

Once all that fuss is over, the clean linens are finally ready to be put away!

We can finally let our summer sheets and duvet covers sleep peacefully during the winter by slipping in a few drops of a scent that we like. Even more practical is the use of an essential oil that repels moths: rosemary, true lavender or atlas cedar.

Good storage, we have to leave you, we have a machine to run!

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