Petites histoires pour bien dormir

Nighttime routine for peaceful nights

Routine nocturne pour nuits paisibles

1st step to properly prepare for the night: get rid of the tension accumulated during the day

After a day of work you have accumulated a lot of stress and tension which is felt in your body.

The tension factors frequently cited by the French: workload (60%), responsibilities (58%) or even an uncertain future (68%). If this tension is not relieved, you may pay the price during the night.

As soon as you return home, carry out these few relaxing gestures (at least some, depending on the possible presence of children who may ask you...):

  • Take off your makeup. This will allow your skin to breathe and you will also free it from the pollution it has suffered throughout the day.
  • Put some order in your room . Get rid of the empty coffee cups lying around, put the clothes that accumulate on the office chair in the dirty laundry basket. Because falling asleep in a messy room unconsciously adds stress that could easily be avoided.
  • Jump into comfortable clothes.
  • Ideally, take a little time for a yoga or meditation session if you wish. This activity will allow you to clear your mind while introspecting.
  • Treat yourself to a soothing shower to relax your entire body and release the last tensions. Finish with a small jet of cold or lukewarm water to lower your body temperature.

Are you feeling better already?

2nd step: compose a dinner conducive to a good night's sleep

Now it's time to cook a nice meal. Be careful, this is not to be taken lightly, because it affects your sleep .

The time between dinner and breakfast the next day is the longest period our body goes without nourishment. You must therefore eat enough in the evening to avoid nighttime cravings. But a balance must be found, because a dinner that is too heavy will delay falling asleep.

Introduce foods based on slow carbohydrates into the menu such as potatoes, rice or even traditional pasta. They will offer you all the necessary nutrients to spend a night without hunger. Avoid proteins in general, foods that are too fatty and of course caffeine and alcohol.

During these preparations , the residents advise you to put on your most beautiful Japanese apron ...elegance in all circumstances!

3rd step: go to bed in beautiful sheets... without screens

You're almost ready for a peaceful night and restful sleep . To end this evening routine in style, the residents have a few more ideas to give you.

First, get rid of screens as early as possible, at least 1 hour before bedtime. Blue light from screens activates parts of your brain and tricks it into thinking it's not time to go to sleep. Replace your phone with a good novel and let yourself be drawn into the plot.

At the same time, sip chamomile herbal tea, known for its relaxing properties.

But above all, make sure of the quality of your sheets . The residents are fans of cotton percale . The material par excellence for high-end bedding sets . You don’t know cotton percale ? Take a look at our article “Why choose cotton percale over other materials for your bed linen ”.

Finally, to ensure your peaceful night , make sure you sleep in a completely dark room .

If, despite this relaxing routine, stress persists, take a few minutes to practice breathing exercises and some stretches.

With that, the residents wish you a good night under your soft cotton percale duvet cover and will see you soon for a morning routine!

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