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Morning routine: getting out of bed and having a good day

Routine du matin : réussir à sortir de ses draps et  passer une bonne journée

Succeed in getting out of the sheets

What could be more difficult than leaving your bed in the morning after a good night's sleep , deciding to tear yourself away from this soft nest (especially if you sleep in cotton percale sheets !)?

However, the morning is a decisive moment since it will set the pace for the rest of your day. More than 8 out of 10 French people say that a bad awakening can ruin a day. The residents have therefore, following the nighttime routine, decided to offer you a daytime routine, in order to help you start the day off on the right foot.

Leave your duvet cover early to get up on the right foot!

We have a feeling that you won't like this advice... get up an hour earlier than your usual time. We know, it's already difficult to get out of bed at 7 a.m. so why put yourself through the pain of getting up at 6 a.m.? Well to simply have a productive morning. It's proven and many great business leaders have already adopted this habit which has changed everything. Waking up is indeed harsh, but... it's a matter of habit. Well, you're up (and you have some time).

Ten tips to start the day off right

  1. Start by airing your room .
  2. Next, take the time to drink one or two large glasses of water which will allow your body to rehydrate after the night.
  3. Before starting any activity, give yourself 10 to 20 minutes of meditation. Meditation will allow you to refocus on yourself and “erase” the previous day from your brain so that it is 1000% focused on the day ahead.
  4. Once liberated psychologically, liberate yourself physically! A few stretches at home or for the bravest among you, a session in the gym. Arm yourself with your sports bag ( the residents make very pretty ones !) and go for it. This morning session will fill you with energy for the rest of the day.
  5. A very cool shower, certainly not the most pleasant, but the most effective, will activate your blood circulation.
  6. Then comes breakfast. Everyone knows it is the most important meal of the day. It is therefore important to prepare a healthy breakfast. We recommend a drink to hydrate the body if you have not already done so. Cereal products that will fill you up for the morning. A dairy product and a fruit that you can also consume in juice. If you're not very sweet, don't hesitate to take inspiration from the famous English breakfast. Preparing your breakfast the day before is also a good way to avoid skipping it!
  7. After this burst of energy, take a quick look around your room and make sure you have pulled out your pretty duvet cover . If you are a fan of bed linen that is more of the “combed and mussed” type, at least take the time to put the duvet cover in place at the foot of the bed, you will have more pleasure slipping into your sheets in the evening.
  8. Shake your pillows out the window to rid the pillowcases of any hair and give them a nice fluff.
  9. There you go, it's almost time to leave. Take advantage of these few minutes left to plan your day in order of importance. This will allow you to set goals and mark times in your day. We offer you a daily planner below. At the same time, listen to music that you like and that motivates you.
  10. When the time comes to leave your cocoon, slip an inspiring book into your bag (the large cotton canvas shopping bags. The residents are very welcoming!) to read between two metro stations. Quotes, poem or motivation everything is good to ensure that you are in a good mood.

You are now ready to have a productive day both personally and professionally. The residents wish you a good day!

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