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Cotton gauze in all its forms

La gaze de coton dans tous ses états

What is cotton gauze? Reminder.

If you haven't read our first article on double cotton gauze , here is a quick reminder of the important points to know. Gauze, technically speaking, has a weave in which two warp threads (threads stretched lengthwise of the loom) cross around two weft threads (threads stretched widthwise), which provides very good stability to the fabric. Cotton gauze is known in particular for baby diapers, as a light fabric with an embossed appearance, slightly translucent and incredibly soft. Double cotton gauze is a fabric made up of the assembly of two layers of cotton gauze , which makes it less transparent and more resistant than its older sister.

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Why we love cotton gauze

Cotton gauze, we love it for

  • Her sweetness
  • Natural sound
  • Its vaporous and airy side

But also for …

  • His resistance
  • Its flexibility
  • Its ease of maintenance

Cotton gauze also has an ace up its sleeve that should convince those who are nervous. In winter, say goodbye to the freezing feeling when you slip under your sheets. Thanks to the cotton gauze, you immediately feel warm. Come on, to really convince you, have we told you that this fabric does not require ironing?

Cotton gauze, everywhere, all the time!

Although it was for a long time reserved for the use of babies, cotton gauze and double gauze seem to have made their place among the timeless everyday items.

Cozy up in a cotton gauze bed set : duvet cover , pillowcases , flat sheets , double cotton gauze is available on all pieces of bed linen . Guaranteed softness and comfort, ease of maintenance, casual chic look, double cotton gauze has many advantages for bed linen ! Finally, the final touch, the cotton gauze throw . Fine, elegant, you can carry it around all the rooms of the house, it will find its place.

On a trip to the beach, on a walk in the forest, a double cotton gauze throw will always be a pleasant companion.

Confessions on cotton gauze plaid , The residents have some nice things in store for you in this material! Napkins will join the double cotton gauze tablecloths as well as sublime flat sheets and pillowcases , we can't wait to show them to you!

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