Petites histoires pour bien dormir

The importance of knowing how sleep works

De l'importance de connaître le fonctionnement du sommeil

The sleep clock

Did you know that sleep is a more basic need than food? This speaks volumes about its importance and the impact it has on our lives. Yet it seems that today we are ready to neglect it. Serious mistake! It is important to understand what happens at night. Sleep is defined as a period of unconsciousness, where there is a loss of alertness and where our muscles relax little by little. Our nights are made up of several cycles. A sleep cycle lasts approximately 90 minutes and is made up of different types of sleep:

  • light slow sleep
  • deep sleep
  • paradoxical sleep .

From the moment you fall asleep until 3-4 a.m. you are in deep sleep . It is the most restorative sleep and the one that allows our batteries to recharge. Then, during the second part of the night, it will be the turn of light slow-wave sleep and paradoxical sleep . The latter constitutes the part of the night where we dream.

Understanding sleep disorders

Unfortunately, not everyone is equal when it comes to sleep . You've probably already noticed this when talking to your loved ones. You know, there is that person for whom all they need to do is close their eyes to find rest. Well, for others it's a different matter, going to bed is a real source of anxiety. In sleep disorders, we again find several categories, dyssomnias, parasomnias and sleep disorders of psychiatric or neurological origin. You will find dyssomnia in particular the famous insomnia. Parasomnias include sleep disorders associated with nocturnal awakenings, such as sleep paralysis. These sleep disorders are often linked to stress, anxiety or even your external environment. This is why it is more than necessary to be vigilant about your evening routine.

Our tips for finding restful sleep

Here is a small list of tips for sleeping well that we have unearthed especially for you. You should know that your night is not prepared at bedtime but several hours in advance. For example, it is not recommended to do sports in the evening. For what ? Because this causes your body temperature to increase. To sleep peacefully, your body seeks to lower this temperature. You know when you're looking for that little corner of fresh linen, well that's why. The same goes for hot showers in the evening or end them with a small jet of cold water. Prefer herbal tea to tea and obviously avoid coffee! Eat light to make digestion easier for your body. Finally, prepare yourself a real little cocoon of softness, choose quality bed linen in light tones which promote relaxation, why not Les pensionnaires cotton percale sheets ?

Add to that a good book and banish your phone at least 1 hour before bed. Then gently close your eyes and let yourself be carried away into the arms of Morpheus!

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