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What is cotton percale?

Qu'est-ce que la percale de coton ?

Since their beginnings, Les pensionnaires have offered cotton percale sheets . Today, we share with you all our knowledge on this subject. For hotel-like sheets , discover our high-end cotton percale bed linen right here.

What is cotton percale?

We often make the mistake of thinking that cotton percale is a material. And no ! Cotton percale has a tight weave method, making it very durable. The name cotton percale requires 80 threads/cm2, below that, it is not cotton percale but standard cotton. This is why cotton percale sheets are associated with high-end as a guarantee of quality. We sometimes think that the more threads there are, the better quality the cotton percale is. This is not entirely true, what is essential is the quality of the cotton fibers from which the percale is woven. Among the residents, we chose, for our sheets, an 80 threads/cm2 percale woven from long combed fibers. That's why our duvet covers , pillowcases and fitted sheets are so soft. Cotton percale has a matte appearance that we love! It reminds us of our grandmothers’ old, high-quality linen… with added softness!

How much to wash your sheets?

We know this is THE question we all ask ourselves! We therefore give you all our advice for good care of your cotton percale bed linen . Upon receipt, we know that you already want to wrap yourself in your cotton percale set . Stop everything! We advise you to carry out a first cold wash before installing it. You will see, your sheets will be even softer!

For subsequent washes, we recommend a maximum washing temperature of 40°C. This will extend the longevity of your cotton percale sheets . Beyond that, you risk damaging and damaging the cotton fiber in the long term.

Do not hesitate to refer to our care instructions which you will find in all our product sheets, such as here for the striped cotton percale duvet cover .

For good maintenance, it is recommended to wash your cotton percale bed linen every 7 to 10 days, 15 days maximum. In fact, night after night, micro-organisms settle on your sheets, making them less hygienic.

Why choose percale?

  • Quality bed linen . In fact, cotton percale is the result of a tight weave which makes it very resistant! It therefore ensures longevity and durability over time and washing.
  • Soft sheets thanks to the combed cotton method. Combed cotton undergoes one more important step in the fiber preparation process: before being woven, the shortest fibers are eliminated, only the longest and best fibers are retained. The appearance is therefore silkier because the fibers intertwine better.
  • For its absorbent side. Cotton percale bed linen has the advantage of regulating body temperature. Curling up in cotton percale sheets will be pleasant in both summer and winter.
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin . Due to its softness, cotton percale is suitable for the most sensitive skin. All our products are Oeko-Tex certified!
  • European manufacturing . Like our other products, cotton percale is processed responsibly in our workshops in Portugal .
  • The inks used for our timeless designs are AZO-Free , free of heavy metals and dangerous chemicals.

Thread count of cotton percale sheets

As previously indicated, our cotton percale sheets are made from 80 threads/cm2. This number tells you how many warp threads (length) and weft threads (width) there are in one cm2 of fabric. In order to determine the quality of cotton percale bed linen, the number of threads per cm2 is an important indicator. However, the quality of the raw material as well as its weaving are also characteristics to take into account!

And There you go ! We have revealed to you all our secrets about cotton percale. Okay, we'll leave you to it, we'll have a nap in our cotton percale set !

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