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5 resolutions for the new year

5 résolutions pour la nouvelle année

Adopt a zero waste lifestyle

Want to move to a more responsible lifestyle ? In addition to saving money, napkins are a good transition to a zero waste daily life ! Our double cotton gauze napkins are available in 6 exclusive colors. In addition, they are made with care in our workshops in Portugal! So it doesn't cross the whole world to reach your dining room table !

Make your bed every day

No exception, make your bed every day, but… not every morning! Let's explain: after a good night spent in quality sheets ( cotton gauze or cotton percale , depending on your preference) we advise you to air out your room for a few minutes, with the duvet cover folded over itself in foot of the bed. Indeed, making your bed in the morning encourages the proliferation of bacteria and mites because they remain hidden warm under the duvet. Scientists therefore recommend airing your bed and only doing so a few hours before going to bed.

Getting back into sport

“This year I’m getting back into sport.” Need a little (a lot) of motivation? Treating yourself to some nice equipment can be a little help... For example, our bowling bag in thick organic cotton canvas will be your best ally for your sports sessions! This large capacity duffel bag is lined with a chic coated fabric with a very fine gray checkerboard, enough to satisfy the most clumsy people who spill their water bottle in their sports bag ... Hop on, let's put on our outfit , take your towel and your water bottle and slip all the essentials into our new rust, storm blue or lime green bowling bag . To match with your sports outfit, it comes in 10 exclusive colors.

Being organized or becoming one

What if we placed this year under the sign of organization? As we have the solution to (almost) everything... The residents offer you their gift box, the organizer ! To offer or to treat yourself... It consists of our large and small pouch cut from thick cotton canvas from organic farming . Mechelen, they are coated with our chic waterproof fabric! Practical for carrying your snack in the large one and these beauty and care essentials in the small one. Mix your pouch duo among our 10 exclusive colors.

Discover new dishes

Need a change and new tastes? We put on our most beautiful Japanese apron with checks, stripes, polka dots or flowers. Put on your trusty cotton gauze tea towel and off you go! What if we innovated traditional ham shells? This year, it's decided, we discover and cook new dishes.

You will agree, these 5 resolutions at the start of the year should be tenable! Review in a few months…

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