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Transparent socks from Atelier St Eustache

Les chaussettes transparentes d'Atelier St Eustache

Today, we decided to talk to you about socks! But not just any... they are those from Atelier St Eustache, our office neighbors. Atelier St Eustache is a French brand of transparent socks . Like us, Atelier St Eustache likes to play with words. And yes ! Atelier St Eustache is actually an anagram for “sock”! Did you guess?

The history of the brand

The story begins with Violette, the creator of the designer brand . Trained in Applied Arts and graduated in Architecture, she likes to travel. She therefore enriched herself with world cultures by traveling and settling down for several years in different countries. Atelier St Eustache is therefore the fruit and the perfect combination between travel and architecture. The brand was born from two stories: his trip to Tokyo and the discovery of the cult of the transparent sock . Indeed, it was in Tokyo, where Violette spent a year studying architecture, that she fell in love with this unique accessory and therefore decided to embark on the adventure.

Between inspirations and travels

For Violette, everything around her is a source of inspiration. That's why its transparent sock collections are minimalist, clean and architectural. Like Elsa, Violette draws her inspiration from her travels, the colors of the places she visits, the delicious foods she tastes or quite simply from the surrounding nature... The first “ Tokyo ” collection is inspired by the lightness of Japanese architecture. As for one of the last , it is the satellite view of different landscapes which made it possible to draw and create the patterns of his designer socks .

Eco-responsible socks

After months of traveling across Europe looking for a factory capable of producing his designer socks. Like us, she finally chose European production , more precisely, in Italy. Its cool socks are therefore manufactured less than 500km away, in order to limit pollution due to transport.

In addition, the quality of its socks ensures them longevity and durability. They are made from Italian yarns and the raw materials are Oeko-tex certified. High-end socks are socks that last over time, which therefore limits the waste of clothes! Atelier St Eustache is also committed to the Redonner platform to offer a second life to their products and, thus, promote circular fashion .

Finally, their packaging is also reusable. The transparent socks are carefully packaged in a transparent pouch. It can be easily reused as a makeup bag or jewelry storage.

Responsible and local production , quality and sustainable product and reusable packaging make these socks the pair you need!

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