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Everything you need to know about the origins of Valentine's Day

Tout savoir sur les origines de la St-Valentin

The exchange of small attentions on February 14 is widespread today, but the origins of this celebration still remain very mysterious. Does it arise from a celebration, a poem or a martyr? Several theories come together! In this article, we'll delve into the history of Valentine's Day , exploring its evolution through the centuries.

Valentine's Day in Antiquity

Valentine's Day has its origins in Roman religion, where it was believed that mid-February was the ideal time to celebrate love and fertility. The Lupercalia festival, held February 13-15, honored the god of fertility and marked the start of spring. Young singles participated in rituals, hoping to find a partner for the coming year.

The origins of February 14

According to some historians, Valentine's Day also takes its name from a 3rd century Christian martyr. Legend has it that the priest Valentin defied the ban of Emperor Claudius II, who forbade marriages for young soldiers, in order to have more men to go to war. Valentine continued to celebrate marriages in secret, considering love sacred.

According to legend, he healed the daughter of the man who held him and left her a farewell letter, concluding with the signature "From your Valentine", thus creating the tradition of love letters.

Valentine's Day in the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, Valentine's Day gained popularity in Europe, particularly in England and France. Poets began writing love letters, and card exchanges became a romantic tradition. The first “valentines” appeared, often handmade with detailed illustrations and fiery messages.

Valentine's Day these days

Today, Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world, millions of people exchange gifts, flowers and sweet words. The tradition has evolved to include little surprises for your other half, but also for friends and family.

Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

And as every day can be special in its own way, for those who attach special meaning to this day and who want to mark the occasion, we reveal our gift ideas to you! Valentine's Day gifts for women or Valentine's Day gifts for men , you should find your little happiness in our selection.

1. A pretty toiletry bag : a travel must-have and bathroom essential

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3. A small all-purpose pouch

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