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Beige: the trendy color for your looks and your decoration

Le beige : la couleur tendance pour vos looks et votre décoration

In the vast picture of the seasons, summer is depicted with an infinite palette of shimmering and vibrant colors. At the heart of this summer symphony, a shade stands out for its timeless elegance and softness: beige .

Recently arrived at Les pensionnaires, sand beige is featured on our accessories in thick organic cotton canvas: beige tote bag , beige fanny pack , beige weekend bag ... Like a ray of sunshine caressing the skin, it evokes an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility, inviting us to embrace the refined simplicity of a long summer day. Let yourself be carried away by the softness of beige and discover how to make it your own.

The neutral appearance and natural shade of beige allow you to create timeless looks and easily mix and match the pieces in your wardrobe. Like a blank canvas, it provides fertile ground for expressing your creativity and style. It presents itself as the perfect shade to accompany your sunny afternoons.

A beige fanny pack for a casual style

Immerse yourself in the summer mood with the Sand Beige fanny pack from Les pensionnaires. Its color evokes the softness of grains of sand heated in the sun and harmonizes perfectly with bluish hues. Worn with a dress, jumpsuit or denim ensemble, this shoulder bag in a neutral shade brings a casual look and completes your look. The combination of beige and blue is the perfect summer look…. We totally love the combination of the beige fanny pack with our horizon blue tote bag ?

A sleek and very functional accessory, the fanny pack allows you to keep your essentials close at hand. Escape to the seaside, embark on a country stroll or go on a shopping trip... hands-free! Light and practical, you can fully enjoy your escapades.

A beige tote bag for a sophisticated silhouette

This time, opt for a refined and elegant outfit with our large beige tote bag . As we said, the color is chic and subtle, but this bag stands out for its imposing and sophisticated look which enriches your silhouette. Imagine yourself strolling through a bustling Provençal market, this tote bag elegantly draped over your shoulder. Under a blue summer sky, you escape into the heart of a profusion of vibrant colors and intoxicating scents emanating from the stalls. Your Sand Beige tote bag then becomes the precious guardian of your summer finds. Thanks to its unparalleled generosity, it allows you to take with you all the treasures unearthed during your travels.

A beige bowling bag for sunny vacations

This third accessory will be your ally throughout the season. The Sand Beige bowling bag in organic cotton canvas, both refined and practical, embodies the very essence of simplicity. Its rounded silhouette and delicate beige color make it the essential accessory for your summer.

With your feet in the sand by the sea or lounging in a flower garden, this travel bag will accompany you with lightness and poetry, keeping your precious belongings safe. Its generous capacity and ingenious design offer a practical solution for carrying your essentials, while its beige color blends harmoniously with any outfit.

Whether by plane (allowed in cabin baggage!), by car, on a bus or even on foot, it will adapt to all situations by adding a touch of brightness and elegance to your outfit, whatever it is. either. Beyond the languid summer sun, this beige bag will be in your eyes an ode to lightness and practicality.

By choosing the color beige to represent summer, Les pensionnaires reminds you of the importance of getting back to basics, of celebrating the simple and authentic beauty of nature. With these organic cotton accessories made in Portugal, the brand embodies the rural and poetic spirit of summer. We invite you to marvel at the simplest pleasures and become intoxicated with the softness of this soft color .

Beige in interior decoration

Les pensionnaires is a brand of accessories… but also of decoration! We therefore wanted to share with you our little tips for enhancing the beige color in your interiors.

White walls can sometimes create a cold atmosphere in a room. Bring beige into your home! Warmer than white, it soberly adorns walls, floors and furniture. Whether for a cozy bedroom, a bright living room or a modern kitchen, beige brings a touch of softness and calm, while offering great flexibility in terms of decoration.

To add more character to your room, play with textures and natural materials such as wood, stone or linen. Add accessories, like our large cushions or our double cotton gauze throws , to enhance the cozy appearance of your space.

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