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The gingham check pattern, a timeless one brought back to the forefront

Le motif à carreaux vichy, un intemporel remis sur le devant de la scène

Vichy , the essential small check pattern, is making a comeback in our interiors, and the boarders are not missing out! It stands out in the decorative landscape as the must-have of the season, a trendy , fresh and colorful pattern , which is sure to breathe a dose of good humor into our daily lives.

Let yourself be tempted by our gingham linen and cotton pieces, light, durable, with pretty finishes , made in a material woven especially for us in the north of Portugal, what more could you ask for?

The history of gingham, where does it come from?

Unsurprisingly, the gingham pattern is linked to the city of Vichy and appears in the 19th century (and no , it's not a newborn!). It was initially a striped fabric, while it is now known for its plaid pattern . And despite its apparent simplicity, the gingham pattern is not an ordinary tile, it is made up of a subtle play of contrasts between white tiles, colored tiles and half-tone tiles.

Considered a pattern at the forefront of fashion, it gradually fell into oblivion to (finally) return to the forefront. An essential for vintage decoration ! This slightly retro pattern combines with modernity in all the rooms of your home.

The vich y pattern on the bedroom side

Impossible to ignore the gingham pattern in bed linen . In the bedroom, the gingham patterned quilt ( vichy footboard , gingham quilt , we hesitated on its name!) is ideal for bringing softness and personality to a minimalist bedroom.

The residents deliver you a gingham quilt in 3 exclusive colors : Hazelnut brown gingham, red gingham , and khaki green gingham, to add a colorful touch to your bedrooms. Placed at the foot of your bed, it will change the entire decoration of your room!

Don't hesitate to take your gingham quilt out of your room to place it on the seat of your sofa, or on a masonry bench for example.

The gingham pattern at the service of tableware

The gingham pattern is an essential feature of kitchen linen . Gingham tablecloth , gingham napkin , gingham placemat , discover this timeless textile from Les pensionnaires to embellish your table decoration.

The gingham placemats (double thickness!) will add a touch of pep to your meals, while being modern and timeless. Alone or on a gingham or plain tablecloth, this accessory is the final touch on your tables. Each half European linen - half organic cotton piece is of incomparable quality.

For a picnic that’s so Frenchy, so chic, bring your gingham tablecloth ! Wow effect guaranteed.

The irreplaceable and timeless red gingham pattern

The red gingham pattern is iconic. Give your feasts the perfect look with a set from our red gingham range , which we have revisited with a touch of rust . Red gingham napkins , red gingham tablecloths , red gingham sets will bring a chic French country style , effortless ... Red gingham, in our exclusive Rouille : a bistro atmosphere to share a gourmet moment and to brighten up your table.

This small check pattern , timeless and Frenchy , will infuse your interior with French charm , season after season.

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