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Why choose cotton percale sheets?

Pourquoi choisir des draps en percale de coton ?

What are cotton percale sheets?

We often think that percale is a material. Error, it's a weaving method! Cotton percale is made of long, thin cotton threads, assembled into a simple but very durable weave because the threads are very tight. Cotton percale sheets are therefore a guarantee of quality and associated with “high end”.

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But actually, do you have any idea what a cotton plant looks like?


Is the thread count of cotton percale sheets important?

This number tells you how many warp threads (length) and weft threads (width) there are in one cm2 of fabric. The higher the number, the tighter the weave and the fabric is durable and soft . This characteristic is important, but must also be compared to the quality of the raw material , the quality of the yarns (single cotton or long combed fiber cotton).

Among the residents, we chose 80 threads/cm2 percale for our sheets , woven from long combed fibers. That's why our duvet covers, pillowcases and fitted sheets are so soft .

Focus on the term "comb cotton" associated with cotton percale sheets for residents

Combed cotton undergoes one more important step in the fiber preparation process: before being woven, the shortest fibers are eliminated, only the longest and best fibers are retained. The appearance is therefore silkier because the fibers intertwine better. The result is much softer to the touch, more stable in washing and more solid in use. It is therefore a superior quality product.

There you go, you know everything about cotton percale and in particular about Les pensionnaires cotton percale sheets !

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