Checks, polka dots, stripes... How to choose the pattern for your household linen

Carreaux, pois, rayures... Comment choisir le motif de votre linge de maison

Want to add some pep to your interior? The residents offer you answers that rhyme with checkered sheets , striped bed linen or polka dot pillowcase .

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Don't stay on the floor (of your sheet)

For a most elegant interior, opt for tiles . Drawing its origins straight from Celtic culture, today it is with great lightness that we must integrate it into our daily lives. This trompe-l'oeil pattern stands out as THE chic pattern par excellence. As a window pane, Prince of Wales or tartan, the tile never risks being tasteless. So go for a checked duvet cover !

On edge (and under a duvet cover)

Freshness, softness and romanticism. These are the values ​​that emerge from the floral pattern . Flowers are one of the great classic patterns that never go out of fashion, particularly thanks to their rich history. Say yes to sunny days all year round and let your interior bloom. To brighten up and refresh a bedroom, a floral duvet cover becomes your best ally.

Scratches on the thread (of your bed linen)

Another great classic in the family of patterns , we called stripes ! Fine and discreet, they bring refinement in all circumstances. Synonyms of freedom, they come to conquer your family cocoon. By small touch in striped pillowcase or by set, striped duvet cover and striped sheets, this pattern with its salty scent will forever remain timeless.

Light as a feather pea (on a pillowcase)

If we say Polka Dots to you, what do you think of? Peas exactly! If this motif was a source of inspiration for many painters thanks to the pointillism technique, it was also the symbol of joy, carefreeness and youth. Today diverted in all sizes, all colors and even all possible shapes, it retains this symbolism of joy. Dare to use a polka dot pillowcase to add some fun to a plain ensemble, or be daring and opt for a polka dot duvet cover.

Convinced ?

So what do you think of our chic and light patterns? Patterns are a simple way to modernize and change your interior. They can bring authenticity through a unique use of them. Or perhaps avant-garde in their associations, which the most daring among you can create. Our tip? Start mixing prints that always stay in the same tones. Why not our blue striped cotton percale duvet cover combined with our floral patterned cotton percale pillowcases ? A simple and effective combination to get started gently. You are now an expert in Les pensionnaires patterns ...

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