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The fanny pack, the trendy fashion accessory

Le sac banane, l’accessoire tendance mode

The residents reveal a whole new chapter of their accessories , the fanny pack .

The fanny pack is one of the most trendy bags of recent seasons and has been given many nicknames: belt bag, moon bag, crossbody fanny pack , fanny pack, or even bum-bag, (recalling in its English version its proximity to our seat, being formerly mainly worn around the waist).

The fashion fanny pack , the most loved and worn of the 90s that could be found in the most extravagant colors and prints, is back in the spotlight thanks to the fashion designers who have brought it back into fashion of the day. The residents fell in love with this vintage bag and grabbed it.

Belt bag or shoulder bag, but where does it come from?

For the record, the flexible fanny pack , whose shape is reminiscent of a banana, has been used since Antiquity in many cultures. It became popular in the 80s-90s as an accessory for outdoor activities and travel.

Originally, it was a canvas or nylon bag, a practical bag for storing sports gear, for a hiking trip, or a simple summer stroll. Over time, it has transformed into a popular accessory for casual and streetwear. In recent years, the banana has adapted perfectly to the modern style. Whether in mini or maxi format, we are celebrating the return of this fashion accessory to the trend.

The Les Pensionnaires fanny pack for women or men, light and practical

Instead of bulging pockets, slip your everyday essentials into our lightweight fanny pack that's roomy enough to accommodate your essentials.

The adjustable strap allows it to be adapted to all body shapes and makes it a women's fanny pack like a men's fanny pack . The shoulder strap also allows you to adapt to the different ways you want to wear the fanny pack. Worn on the chest, the fanny pack allows you to adapt to each of your movements and above all to keep an eye on your precious belongings. This small zipped bag makes it perfect for safe travel.

The Les boarders fanny pack, the fashion accessory

The fanny pack means freedom of movement, but also the freedom to add a little color to your elegant or casual outfits. Dare to wear a pink fanny pack , a green fanny pack or a yellow fanny pack!

The fanny pack is the one you take with you in the evening with the minimum you need and with an assertive style. It is in the spirit of the times whether in autumn-winter or spring-summer. Which of our 9 exclusive colors will you fall for?

The fanny pack, the perfect travel bag

Spring is in full swing, summer is around the corner, festivals and vacations are approaching, and you need to bring a small travel bag with you . The practical fanny pack is perfect for helping you stay stylishly hands-free while carrying the essentials for your getaways: your sunglasses, the keys to your Airbnb, the souvenir key ring you just found. Not to mention that it can be the centerpiece of all your festive outfits.

Our eco-responsible organic cotton fanny pack

Our organic cotton fanny pack is made in Portugal, in Oeko-Tex certified family workshops. By its material as by its manufacturing process, we can qualify it as an eco-responsible fanny pack!

Fanny packs The residents are waiting for you! This way ! Ready, set, fire, go!

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