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The new capsule collection: upcycled linen accessories

La nouvelle collection capsule : des accessoires en lin upcyclé

The residents reveal their latest collection in upcycled linen available in limited edition! Let’s dive into the details of this capsule collection with remarkable details!

Linen: a natural fiber with eternal charm

Linen , with its naturally elegant look and unrivaled durability, has long been a popular material in the fashion world. Known for its lightness, breathability and ability to become softer over time, linen is the perfect choice for creating timeless accessories that stand the test of time. Linen , often associated with summer, evokes the lightness and freshness of the summer seasons.

Linen , this noble material sometimes nicknamed "blue gold", is a natural fiber of incomparable beauty and resistance. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, linen is also praised for its ecological properties. Indeed, its cultivation requires much less water than other textile crops, and it generally grows without requiring the use of pesticides. Linen is therefore an option of choice for brands concerned about their ecological footprint!

Whether for its lightness, durability or natural beauty, linen continues to charm and seduce fashion enthusiasts around the world.

The c apsule collection in upcycled linen

This new collection is distinguished by the use of linen from dormant stocks from the very fine publishing house Bisson Bruneel, thus offering a second life to these materials of remarkable quality. Like our entire collection, our upcycled linen pieces are designed in France and carefully manufactured in our workshops in the north of Portugal.

Among the key pieces of this collection, you will find our chic upcycled linen fanny pack , ideal for having your small everyday items within reach while leaving you free to move around! Its shoulder strap, with its refined detail, the signature Les pensionnaires gold embroidery, is adjustable and therefore adjustable to your size.

Featuring an aesthetic and durable lining, a practical interior pocket and a functional zipper, this linen fanny pack is suitable for both women and men, providing the perfect accessory for carrying on the go. keep all your essentials safe.

For those looking for the essential to slip into their handbag, travel bag or even diaper bag, our linen zipped pouches are the perfect choice. Their compact and practical format makes them essential everyday fashion accessories. What doesn't fit in our small pouch will fit in our large pouch : your current novel, a swimsuit or even a small tablet.

The still damp swimsuit and the leaking sunscreen are welcome in our linen pouches lined with a coated fabric with a fine, elegant grid!

Our capsule collection in upcycled linen is part of a responsible creation approach, where style is combined with environmental awareness. Also discover our upcycled wool collection available in limited edition, another expression of our commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion.

Don't miss the opportunity to acquire these exclusive pieces!

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