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ESCADRILLE, the essential espadrilles for women

ESCADRILLE, les espadrilles incontournables pour femmes

During a photo shoot at the Hôtel Verdun, in Lyon, Elise, the founder of ESCADRILLE, and Elsa, creator of the Les pensionnaires brand, were presented by the director of the establishment. During their first meeting, a connection was established, thanks to the sharing of similar values ​​and a common vision of entrepreneurship. We are therefore delighted to once again present to you this friendly brand, dear to our hearts!

In the world of women's espadrille , one brand stands out for its unique marriage between French style and Spanish know-how: ESCADRILLE. Known for its timeless designs and quality espadrilles, ESCADRILLE embodies the relaxed elegance that characterizes French chic.

Let's travel to the heart of authentic craftsmanship:

At the origin of ESCADRILLE is a real passion for craftsmanship and quality . Each pair of espadrilles is carefully crafted in Spain, where experienced artisans transform premium raw materials into quality espadrilles . Each seam, each finish testifies to this love of a job well done, giving each pair of ESCADRILLE a privileged place in your summer wardrobe.

Let yourself be enchanted by the timeless French style:

The ESCADRILLE aesthetic exudes the spirit of French style: elegant, refined and always current. Their women's espadrilles embody this spirit with elegant designs, varied colors and thoughtful details that add a touch of chic to each pair that is created. Whether classic styles or more modern creations, each pair captures the very essence of French summer.

At ESCADRILLE, comfort is king:

Because style and well-being should never compromise, their women's espadrilles offer a perfect fit and unparalleled support. That's why their women's espadrilles are designed to provide a perfect fit and optimal support, allowing you to walk with confidence and comfort. The natural jute outsole ensures flexibility and lightness, while the leather insole, enhanced with foam reinforcement, guarantees optimal comfort with every step.

A choice for every occasion:

Whatever the occasion, ESCADRILLE has the perfect pair to accompany you. Whether you stroll on the beach, wander the cobbled streets of a city or enjoy a delicious brunch on the terrace! From flat women's espadrilles to wedges, their diverse collection offers endless choices for every occasion and style.

Let yourself be charmed by ESCADRILLE, specialist in quality espadrille , where French charm marries Spanish craftsmanship to create unique pieces, just like those who wear them!

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