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10 personalization ideas with embroidery

10 idées de personnalisation avec broderie

At Les pensionnaires we are committed to offering unique products with careful details. This is why we offer you the opportunity to personalize a gift - accessories , bed linen or kitchen linen - to please (you) at a low price with gold thread embroidery handmade by a Lyon embroiderer. Lacking inspiration? Do not panic ! Here are 10 customization ideas to hit the mark every time!

Which products to personalize?

A large personalized shopping bag

Are you keen on our accessories? It is possible to personalize our large organic cotton tote bags with pretty embroidery in a beautiful calligraphic font. The latter is embroidered with a gold-colored thread to best combine with all our exclusive Les pensionnaires colors (and recall our little golden embroidery signature of the Les pensionnaires brand).

Embroidered household linen

Embroidering your household linen is a tradition as old as time! Indeed, the custom of embroidered linen dates back to the time when the young bride embroidered her initials and those of her husband on her sheets, napkins, tablecloths and tea towels. At Les pensionnaires, you can make a personalized blanket , apersonalized cushion or a personalized apron and personalized napkins .

Embroidery on your Les boarders products is the little extra that will change everything! For a wedding gift, a birth gift or a Valentine's Day gift, it becomes completely original, unique and above all symbolic.

10 embroidery ideas: here they are!

Embroidery idea n°1: a nickname

Whether you call your youngest "kitten", your other half "darling", or your best friend "BFF", it is possible to embroider this word for example on a large double cotton gauze blanket so that so that the person concerned can think of you in all circumstances.

Embroidery idea n°2: a first name

To please - the perfect personalized birth gift - or to identify your belongings and never lose them, what could be better than writing your first name on a blanket, or on a double cotton gauze tea towel (which is indeed the size a cuddly swaddle!), or even on a large shopping bag ?

Embroidery idea n°3: initials

The initials, the risk-free personalization idea ! An embroidery that works very well on tablecloths , tea towels or napkins in double cotton gauze . Subtle embroidered personalization .

Embroidery idea n°4: a house name

The tradition of naming your house dates back to the Middle Ages when residents wanted to give their homes their own existence and identity. A house name to embroider on a maxi cushion 45x90cm in double cotton gauze or a Japanese apron in thick cotton? An original idea to mark the personality of your home.

Embroidery idea n°5: a place

What if you personalized your large double cotton gauze throw with the place where you spent your honeymoon? Or your best vacation with your friends? New York, Venice or even Porto, give your product embroidery full of memories.

Embroidery idea n°6: a boat

A legend says that an unnamed ship that is sailing encounters misfortune on its way. This is why boats must be named before setting sail. Personalize your large throw or your maxi cushion 45x90 cm in cotton gauze to sail towards long, peaceful nights.

Embroidery idea n°7: a sweet word

To demonstrate all the love or tenderness you have for him/her, a personalized embroidery such as “My love”, “Joli coeur”, “Beloved”, “For life” should make him/her melt! Make your double cotton gauze throw unique and romantic with these few sweet words.

Embroidery idea n°8: a character

Well-tempered or sweet as honey, everyone has their own character! To have embroidered on a large shopping bag for an original and successful attention (or to send a message...).

Embroidery idea n°9: the game of 7 families

The father, the mother, the grandfather, the sister and even the youngest! Identify the whole family with embroidery . The personalized napkin , a good idea so that everyone can find their napkin (in double cotton gauze) at each meal.

Embroidery idea n°10: a date

On your wedding day, the birth of your child, a friend's birthday..., embroider a symbolic and meaningful date to remember the memories of a beautiful day...

It's up to you to play and imagine your next personalized gift with beautiful embroidery!

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