on (re)décore la maison

Let the sun's rays enter your household linen

Laissez entrer les rayons du soleil dans votre linge de maison

In the yellow (saffron) family, I ask for the plaid , the flat sheet , the duvet cover and the pillowcases in double cotton gauze, the large shopping bag , the toiletry bag and the bowling bag in organic cotton !

After our praise of the color blue and then the color green, we decided to reveal to you the facets of a new color dear to the Residents palette, we have named yellow !

For or against yellow in decoration?

Did you know that the color yellow is one of the hardest colors to appreciate? However, it is one of the 3 primary colors, which demonstrates its capital importance on the color chart. But the color yellow is complicated and full of contrasts.

The dark side of yellow

It is associated with treachery, lies and deception. Some examples :

  • In the history of the Christian religion, Judas during his betrayal of Christ is represented with a yellow robe.
  • The apples in the garden of the Hesperides, at the beginning of the Trojan War, were yellow
  • A yellow rose offered symbolizes the request for forgiveness for deception

Few arguments to rush to this color so… But…

Solar, sign of opulence… for yellow in homes!

Mustard yellow, curry yellow, buttercup yellow, chick yellow, saffron yellow, fluorescent yellow… As many nuances as emotions. The major impression left by yellow is joyful, sunny and stimulating. Yellow represents life, like the star which spreads its warm rays on Earth. It is also the symbol of knowledge, power and wealth, in association with gold. Louis XIV, Sun King, had chosen it to mark his power and his divine origin. Before him, Apollo, God of art and poetry, wore this color on his solar chariot. The Chinese emperors also adopted it.

For its dynamism, its cheerfulness, its warmth... integrate yellow into your interior decoration!

We offer you two little ideas for integrating the color of kings into your palace (or into your apartment, it’s up to you).

  • We start with the living room. Combine yellow and gray, Pantone 2021 colors. Go for example with an anthracite gray sofa that you will wake up with a saffron yellow throw … a real shot of good humor!
  • In the bedroom, we like the combination of yellow and fresher white. Accessorize the latter with, for example, our saffron yellow cotton canvas bag to hang in a deceptively careless way from a door handle with a few dried herbs sticking out.

So convinced? In a small touch or in a more assertive way, yellow is the perfect color to add a little cheerfulness to your interior.

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