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Personalized Christmas gift ideas

Idées cadeaux Noël personnalisés

Want a unique gift to spoil your loved ones? Offer a personalized and original gift with pretty hand-made golden embroidery. A word of love or a first name, add your personal touch by letting your inspiration flow... Discover everything that is hidden in our Christmas basket by continuing reading...


Personalized napkins

Offer personalized napkins with the first names of your loved ones embroidered in gold letters. Mixed or coordinated, they exist in 6 exclusive colors: saffron yellow , immaculate white , storm blue, caper green , delicate pink and rust . A “green”, zero waste and eco-responsible gift? Napkins are also a good gift idea for a transition to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Personalized apron and tea towel

For the blue cords around you, surprise them with a personalized Japanese apron and tea towel set. Made of thick cotton, they are of high quality . Cut from the same fabric and printed with the same patterns, tea towels and aprons will harmonize perfectly, to have style even behind the stove! The little extra? Have the initials or first name of the person who will receive your gift embroidered.

Personalized shopping bag

Everyone needs a large tote bag in their life! Running bag , sports bag , beach bag ... With its thick organic cotton canvas and its large capacity, to try it is to adopt it! Once embroidered with the recipient's name, they will never be able to part with it. From caper green to horizon blue and hazel brown, choose from our 10 exclusive colors.

Personalized blanket

With winter temperatures looming, a pretty mug accompanied by a cotton gauze blanket is a cozy gift idea to give for Christmas. Let yourself be enveloped by the softness of its fabric, a moment of comfort guaranteed! Consider personalization for a unique gift . A sweet word or a first name embroidered in golden letters will make your blanket unique. Available in 6 exclusive colors, it will match all interiors.

The gift card

A last minute gift? Afraid of making a mistake? For those who are more undecided, we suggest you introduce the world of Les pensionnaires to those around you with our gift card . Valid for 1 year on the entire site, select the amount of your choice and we will take care of the shipment! For a gift that will hit the mark every time!

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