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Organic cotton accessories and eco-responsible manufacturing

Accessoires en coton bio et fabrication éco-responsable

The residents are keen to design products that respect the environment and people. All our products are made from Oeko-Tex certified fabrics . No organic bed linen from us yet, but it is in progress, in line with our organic cotton accessories ... The pretty patterns of the cotton percale bed linen are made with Azo Free ink . In addition, all our products come from local production , ensured by our textile workshops in Europe .

Organic cotton products

So no range of organic bed linen yet, but don't worry, our cotton gauze bed linen and cotton percale bed linen have other qualities that we will detail right after. Furthermore, all our accessories, tote bags , bowling bags , toiletry bags , pouches (small and large) and pencil cases are cut from thick organic cotton canvas . Eh yes ! The residents are eco-friendly !

European manufacturing

We are concerned about the environment, our products are manufactured with care in our textile workshops in Europe , more precisely in the north of Portugal. Our double cotton gauze is woven in Portugal, then all products are dyed, printed and made on site. Which means that our items are produced with “cleaner” energy than that used on the other side of the world, and with decent working conditions governed by European legislation . In a socially and ecologically responsible environment therefore.

In addition, Portugal has been recognized for its textile industry since the 18th century. By importing the necessary machines from Great Britain, the Portuguese were able to equip dozens of workshops and become one of the major players in the textile market . Today, Portugal has been able to renew its machinery and is known for its impressive know-how and expertise in high-quality clothing and household linens . The “ Made in Portugal ” label is a symbol of quality and sustainability.

European production also allows Elsa, the brand's creator, to visit our workshops regularly to keep an eye on the quality of the products.

Oeko-Tex certification

What does Oeko-Tex certification mean? This certification is one of the best known throughout the world. It ensures the high quality of our fabrics and therefore our products. All our products are Oeko-Tex certified, which guarantees the absence of toxic and harmful products for the skin and the environment. Our cotton gauze bed linen and cotton percale bed linen are therefore suitable for sensitive skin due to their very soft touch.

Azo-free inks

The inks used to design our pretty, timeless patterns are Azo free ! Literally translated, this certification means free from Azo class dyes. The latter were recognized as dangerous. As a result, the inks used to make the polka dots, stripes, flowers and checks are free of heavy metals and therefore not harmful to the skin and the environment . What more ?!

Finally, residents participate in Refashion, a program promoting the circular economy . All these certifications allow us to offer you quality and therefore durable products .

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