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Everything you ever wanted to know about cotton gauze

Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur la gaze de coton

What is cotton gauze?

Cotton gauze is a thin, lightweight fabric with an almost transparent appearance. This fabric is made up of a weave of spaced, crossed threads, producing a flexible and incredibly stable material, ideal for high-end bed linen . You probably already know it, it's the little square of white fabric in your first aid kit!

And the double cotton gauze?

Double cotton gauze is simply a layering of two layers of cotton gauze, connected at regular intervals with undetectable stitches. The higher the number of layers of cotton gauze, the less transparent the resulting fabric will be.

Where does cotton gauze come from?

This weaving owes its name to the city of Gaza, in Palestine, where it comes from. Cotton gauze has been woven since the Middle Ages in France, notably in Lyon (headquarters of the Les pensionnaires brand!) and in Paris. It became fashionable in the 17th and 19th centuries thanks to dancers who used it to create their tutus.

We bet you'll love cotton gauze

  • For its incomparable softness
  • For its flexibility, its fluidity
  • Because it is very absorbent
  • Because it dries very quickly
  • Because it is easy to maintain (no ironing!)

Let's give the floor to the one who embodies Parisian chic like no other, Inès de la Fressange , who had a little crush on the double cotton gauze plaid Les pensionnaires...

Cotton gauze lends itself to multiple uses

The fashion and decoration sectors have seized on this material. For the residents, we design blankets and tablecloths in double cotton gauze .

In size 120x170 cm, it is a multi-function basic, to carry from room to room, to take on a walk. To curl up on a sofa, to lightly cover a child at night, to keep their neck warm on the train. It's a double cotton gauze blanket , it's a stole, it's a beach towel!

In size 170x250 cm, the Les pensionnaires blanket in double cotton gauze can be a footboard, tablecloth, curtain!

How to maintain cotton gauze?

Maintaining this fantastic material is simple. Its embossed appearance eliminates the need for ironing! A quick run at low temperature for sensitive fibers in the dryer will give it the prettiest fluffiness.

Discover the cotton gauze throws of the boarders

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