Rust double cotton gauze duvet cover

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Immerse yourself in our high-quality double cotton gauze duvet cover, the brand's iconic material since 2018. With its naturally embossed and soft appearance, a cocooning atmosphere guaranteed!

Size: 220x240
Size guide
To choose the right size for your Bed Linen, follow our size guide!

Single bed
90x190 cm or 90 x 200

Standard bed
140x190 cm or 140x200 cm

Queen size bed

King size bed


Fitted sheet 90 x 200 cm** 140 x 200 cm** 160x200cm 180x200cm
Duvet cover 140 x 200 cm 200 x 200 cm or
240 x 220 cm
240 x 220 cm or
260 x 240cm
270 x 300cm

* The boarders' fitted sheets perfectly envelop mattresses with a thickness of up to 30 cm.

** The boarders fitted sheets have a length of 200 cm. They fit precisely on mattresses of the same length but will not be "stretched" on mattresses of 90 x 190 cm and 140 x 190 cm.

If you don't see it in the table above, here is a text summary:

1 person

90 x 190 cm or 90 x 200 cm

  • Fitted sheet: 90 x 200 cm
  • Duvet cover: 140 x 220 cm

2 persons

140 x 190 cm or 140 x 200 cm (Standard)

  • Fitted sheet: 140 x 200 cm
  • Duvet cover: 200 x 200 cm or 240 x 220 cm

160 x 200 cm (Queen Size)

  • Fitted sheet: 160 x 200 cm
  • Duvet cover: 240 x 220 cm or 260 x 240 cm

180 x 200 cm (King Size)

  • Fitted sheet: 180 x 200 cm
  • Duvet cover: 260 x 240 cm
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✓ Designed in France, carefully manufactured in Portugal.


Linge de maison en double gaze de coton

Notre double gaze de coton est tissée exclusivement pour nous dans un petit atelier au nord de Porto, puis teintée et confectionnée dans un village voisin. Ce résultat est le fruit de plusieurs mois de collaboration pour obtenir le gaufrage et le toucher parfait de la double gaze. Chez Les pensionnaires, nous sommes fans de cette matière depuis le lancement de la marque, en 2018 !

Local manufacturing

In the North of Portugal , imbued with a great textile tradition, in family workshops

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Organic cotton

Let the softness of our organic cotton percale duvet covers envelop you

Personalize your fabrics

Have your initials or a sweet note embroidered to make your pieces unique

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Attentive customer service

Responses and advice guaranteed within 48 hours by email. Questions ? Contact us!

A taste for beautiful things

A taste for beautiful things

At Les pensionnaires, rigor is poetry and the essential accessory. Because perfection lies in the details, the buttons are made of mother-of-pearl , the labels are woven, the duvet covers presented in a matching pouch. All bed linen is made from long fiber combed cotton percale , a tight weave guaranteeing quality.

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